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  1. 統計ソフトRでFFTして遊ぼう -コンプレッサーの周波数特性- - ネギのメモ帳
    2011年2月17日 ... 数学関数をお手軽にFFTして遊べたら楽しいのになーとずいぶん前から思っていた. ...
    plot(t, wave, type="l", xlim=c(0,0.02), ylim=c(-1,1)) # 時間領域でプロット spec = abs
    (fft(wave))^2 # フーリエ変換, 2乗してパワースペクトル plot(f, spec, ...
  2. R: Fast Discrete Fourier Transform (FFT)
    Computes the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) of an array with a fast algorithm,
    the “Fast Fourier Transform” (FFT). ... When z is a vector, the value computed and
    returned by fft is the unnormalized univariate discrete Fourier transform of the ...
  3. R: 高速離散フーリエ変換
    もし z がベクトルなら、 fft により計算され返される値は z 中の値の系列の正規化
    されない一変数フーリエ変換である。 もし z が配列を含めば、 fft は多変数(空間)変換を
    計算し返す。 もし inverse が TRUE なら、(正規化されない) 逆フーリエ変換が返される
  4. R言語でフーリエ変換
    2011年1月18日 ... 周波数変換freqA <- fft(signalA - mean(signalA)); freqB <- fft(signalB - mean(
    signalB)); freqC <- fft(signalC - mean(signalC)); freq <- fft(signal - mean(signal));
    #デバイスドライバのオープンjpeg("周波数変換結果.jpeg", width = 640, ...
  5. real.fft.TS function | R Documentation
    This is a wrapper function for a C function which uses the complex FFT function
    from the 'fftw3' library. In contrast to using T times the function 'real.FFT', R needs
    to communicate with C only once and not T times which saves computational
  6. conv.fft function | R Documentation
    Convolution of 3D Arrays using the Fourier Transform. Convolve a. Usage. conv.
    fft(A, B, C, FFTA=NULL). Arguments. A: is a three-dimensional array ( the
    template ). B: is a three-dimensional array ( the target ). C: is a vector of length
    three (the ...
  7. plot.fft function | R Documentation
    Arguments. x: Object of the class fft ... further arguments to the plot functions. See
    Also. spec.fft. Aliases. plot.fft. Examples. # See spec.fft. Documentation
    reproduced from package spectral, version 1.0.1, License: GPL-2. Community
  8. real.fft function | R Documentation
    Fast calculation of the real Fourier transform. This is a wrapper function for a C
    function which uses the complex FFT function from the 'fftw3' library.
  9. predict.fft function | R Documentation
    Arguments. object: (M) An fft object created from the fft() function. data: (M) An
    m x n dataframe containing n cue values for each of the m exemplars. formula: a
    formula; which.tree: which.tree An integer indicating which tree to plot (only valid
  10. Making fast, good decisions with the FFTrees R package
    17 Aug 2016 ... Starting today, you can use the FFTrees R package available on CRAN. The
    main function in the package is fft(), which takes a standard formula and data
    argument, and returns a fast and frugal tree (fft) object. From this object ... package/



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